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    Boca do lobo


    L’Chandelier is a dreamy, elegant and luxurious lightning piece, incomparable and impressive a…

  • Arthur Chandelier

    Brand Van Egmond

    $9,328.00 - $10,388.00

    With an imponent and luxurious presence, the Arthur Chandelier is, without a doubt, an eye-catching …

  • Galaxy Chandelier

    Brand Van Egmond

    $4,400.00 - $7,065.00

    Inspired by the galaxies and stars in the Universe, the Galaxy Chandelier will take the galactic mag…

  • Louise Chandelier

    Brand Van Egmond

    $5,430.00 - $7,845.00

    Designed to be unique and exclusive, the Louise Chandelier is the perfect piece for any luxurious sp…

  • Kelp Chandelier

    Brand Van Egmond

    $4,370.00 - $8,900.00

    The uniqueness and (im)perfection of the lines makes the Kelp Chandelier the perfect piece for any l…

  • Linea Chandelier

    Brand Van Egmond

    $4,900.00 - $8,400.00

    Imponent, elegant and luxurious are the perfect words to describe the Linea Chandelier! With an incr…

  • Fractal Chandelier

    Brand Van Egmond

    $6,060.00 - $8,700.00

    Inspired by the organized chaos of the Universe, the Fractal Chandelier will take elegance and luxur…

  • Supernova Chandelier

    Boca do lobo


    The Supernova Chandelier is a luxurious and exclusive piece that will bring the power of one of the …

  • Nymph Chandelier



    The Nymph Chandelier is an authentic piece of art, handcrafted by the best craftsmen and designed by…

  • Trump Chandelier


    $8,270.00 - $16,540.00

    The Trump Chandelier is an elegant and luxurious piece made to impress the most demanding …

  • Empire Chandelier



    Imponent, elegant and luxurious are the most common qualities that people associate with this amazin…

12 of 16 Items