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  • Cocoa Stool



    At first sight, this may look like a normal stool, but if you look closely you'll see it's just a st…

  • Mandy Stool


    $1,440.00 - $3,530.00

    With a distinctive design and an eye-catching golden finish, the Mandy Stool is a unique piece that …

  • Armour Stool



    Luxury is the first word you can think of when looking at this stool. With golden details and a matc…

  • Padaung Stool


    $945.00 - $1,895.00

    Inspired by the Padaung culture, the Padaung Stool is a unique object that symbolizes strength, prot…

  • Florence Stool

    Essential Home


    Looking for a luxurious and comfortable stool? The Florence Stool might be what you were looking for…

  • Macchiato Stool



    With elegant curves and an eye-catching design, the Macchiato Stool can be the perfect supplement to…

  • Bird Stool



    If it's all about letting the imagination fly, then the Bird Stool is perfect for your kid's room!&n…

  • Elephant Stool



    The Elephant Stool is an amazing piece that will give more energy and life to your kids' room. Being…

  • Shark Stool



    The shark is one of the most powerful animals in the ocean, and so this bench stimulates your kids'&…

  • Hoot Stool



    The Owl is the symbol of knowledge, an excellent source of inspiration. So the Hoot Stool will …

12 of 44 Items