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  • Wales II Sofa



    With an imponent presence, the Wales II might be your next sofa! Upholstered in velvet and with gold…

  • Essex Sofa



    Luxury and comfort are the perfect words to describe the Essex Sofa. Upholstered in velvet and with …

  • Maree Sofa



    Inspired by the Scottish Landscape, the Maree Sofa is an eye-catching piece with the perfect combina…

  • Odette Sofa

    Boca do lobo

    $10,830.00 - $21,050.00

    The uniqueness and (im)perfection of the lines makes the Odette Sofa stand out in any room! Designed…

  • Bourbon Round Sofa



    If you are looking for an extremely comfortable yet luxurious sofa, then you found the right piece! …

  • Sherman Sofa

    Essential Home


    The Sherman Sofa is the true statement of luxury! Inspired by the mid-century style, it was created …

  • Maya 2 Seat Sofa



    Inspired by the Maya civilization, the Maya 2 Seat Sofa has an powerful energy capable of inspiring …

  • Soleil Sofa

    Boca do lobo


    With amazing details, the Soleil Sofa was designed to an be exclusive piece that combines luxurious …

  • Entice Sofa



    Designed to the magnificent and powerful, the Entice sofa is a luxurious yet comfortable piece that …

  • Desire Sofa



    With beautiful lines and golden details, the Desire Sofa is an elegant piece that will bring lu…

  • Mandy Sofa



    Looking for a one-of-a-kind and magnificent sofa? You just found it! The Mandy Sofa is an amazing pi…

  • Imperfectio Sofa

    Boca do lobo


    With a one-of-a-kind design, the Imperfectio Sofa is a distinctive piece that will be the center of …

12 of 47 Items