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  • Shirley Mirror

    Essential Home


    This large circular mirror is a structure made out of curved tubes of polished golden brass that sus…

  • Apollo Mirror

    Boca do lobo


    The frame of this modern design mirror is totally sublime with the involved ornate carvings. The ext…

  • Iris Mirror



    Iris is the part of the eye that changes and controls our perception of light, shapes, and colors. …


    Essential Home


    The Wilde Mirror features three panels and an irregular shape with a golden strap of plated brass th…

  • Root Mirror

    Boca do lobo


    The Root Mirror is composed of ten different sized grey mirrors in a rusted golden leaf finished fra…

  • Kayan Mirror



    Kayan women are known for using neck rings with the intention of lengthening their necks. All the wa…

  • Veneto Mirror

    Boca do lobo


    Inspired by Venetian Mirror, each piece that composes this mirror is manually and individually bevel…

  • Kilimanjaro Mirror



    Mount Kilimanjaro, a dormant volcano in Tanzania and the highest mountain in Africa, was the inspira…

  • Haiku Mirror



    Haiku Round Mirror honours the traditional Japanese culture through its copper leaf with black trans…

  • Serpentine Mirror



    Be transformed as you gaze into the Serpentine Mirror‘s pear-shaped mirror. Framed in a coiled…




    Cherish the beauty of every passing glance or an intimate encounter with the flawless mirrored glass…

12 of 45 Items